Mobile partition

Tabimóvil® Model Ambient

Rw 44 dB


According to test laboratory

  • Thickness: 109 mm
  • Maximum height: 4500 mm
  • Maximum width: 1300 mm
  • Approximate weight: 35 Kg/m2

Composed of sandwich panels of 109mm thickness lined with double chipboard or MDF of 16mm with 50mm rock wool and 30kg / m2 in the chamber and asphalt sheet of 3kg / m2 on the inside, the modules are joined together using tongue and groove aluminum profiles with magnetic and rubber seals that ensure adhesion.
The partition is adjusted against the floor by means of a telescopic base with a 4mm neoprene seal and is sealed against the guide by a rubber seal. The adjustment with the vertical parameters is made by special piece of fixed attack and lateral telescopic mechanism with 3 mm polystyrene band. The system achieves two grades of certified insulation 44db (model AMBIENTE44dB) or 46dB (model AMBIENTE46dB).